Microtronix, a leading supplier of performance memory controller intellectual property (IP) cores today announced it has been selected by Arrow and Altera as the preferred memory controller IP Core partner for the new BeMicro software development kit (SDK). As a long term and committed Altera AMPP design partner, Microtronix has enhanced their Multi-port SDRAM Memory Controller IP Core, to support Mobile DDR memory devices on Cyclone IV family of FPGAs. A free BeMicro hardware reference design and 1-year OpenCore Plus evaluation license for the Microtronix MDDR Memory Controller IP Core is available online for immediate download.

The BeMicro SDK is a Cyclone IV FPGA-based board in a plug-and-play USB stick form factor and includes a full suite of software development tools and hands-on training labs. The BeMicro SDK enables software developers and hardware engineers to evaluate Altera’s Nios® II embedded soft core processor targeting low cost embedded designs.

“We selected Microtronix as a partner IP core vendor for the BeMicro SDK for their expertise in building high performance Mobile DDR Memory Controller IP cores.” said Tom Shaar, Director, Altera Business at Arrow Electronics, Inc. “The Microtronix Memory Controller met all of our design objectives performance and their technical support and responsiveness was outstanding.”

Microtronix Multi-port SDRAM memory controller IP cores are targeted at high performance single and multi-port streaming data and Altera Avalon-MM bus applications. To assure the highest level of performance and reliability, the IP core deliverables include full Synopsis Design Constraint support for the TimeQuest timing analyzer and IP functional simulation models.

“The Microtronix Multi-port MDDR Memory Controller IP Core enables design engineers to leverage the benefits of Mobile DDR devices for building low power embedded systems using next generation Cyclone IV technology.” said Blair Bryce, Sales & Marketing. “By partnering with Arrow to support their BeMicro SDK program, we enable software developers and hardware design engineers to evaluate the Altera Nios II embedded processor for almost no cost.”

Source: Microtronix Press Release