Pleora’s compact and simple to integrate, the FPGA based system of iPORT Analog-Pro IP engine transmits high-quality video from analog cameras with low, predictable latency over Gigabit Ethernet (GigE). Able to encode from analog to digital video from up to two analog cameras simultaneously, this video transmitter is ideal for systems integrators looking to realize the benefits of networked video connectivity, while leveraging high-value analog cameras.

FPGA Analog Video Transmitter for Gigabit Ethernet Video NetworkIdeal for local situational awareness (LSA) in military vetronics applications, the iPORT Analog-Pro IP engine leverages the open Gigabit Ethernet Vision® and GenICam™ standards for communication over a Gigabit Ethernet link. With Gigabit Ethernet, cabling distances of up to 100 m can be achieved using standard CAT5/6 cabling; by incorporating common, off-the-shelf switches, cabling distances can be unlimited. Decreased cable size, increased flexibility, and a tighter cable bend radius are a few of the additional benefits gained when using the Analog-Pro IP engines for analog to digital video transfer.

Features of Analog-Pro FPGA Analog Video Transmitter

  • FPGA architecture ensures low, consistent latency and jitter
  • Full resolution at 30 fps per channel
  • Software-controlled general purpose inputs and outputs (GPIO)
  • Two RS-232 ports to control external accessories
  • Available as a compact (105 mm X 52 mm X 42 mm) board set designed for use in a variety of housings
  • Compatibility with NTSC, PAL, CCIR, RS-170