Gigabit Powerline Ethernet Network Adapter creates an ultrafast HD/3D video and video gaming entertainment network through your home’s electrical wiring. Gigabit Powerline Ethernet Network Adapter helps you build a high speed broadband internet connection at low cost using your existing home AC mains electrical wiring. Gigabit Powerline Ethernet Network Adapter supports ethernet data transfer speeds upto 1000Mbps theoretically.

Imagine reliably sending HD movies from the Internet directly to your home theater system through just the wires already in your home. No need for special wiring. With Gigabit Powerline Ethernet Network Adapter, it is that simple.

Gigabit Powerline ethernet network adapters are ideal for streaming HD video throughout the home using your existing mains wiring as your network, They are also perfect if you need to work on or move large data files or photos around and, of course, they offer all the other benefits of Powerline Networking such as distributing the internet around the home or office easily, reliably and with no new wires or wireless networking required.

Connect one Adapter to an existing home router and then simply plug it into the wall outlet. Then plug a second Adapter into an available wall outlet and connect the other end to computers, gaming consoles or home theater system. Plug two or more Adapters in to normal electrical wall sockets, connect them to ethernet network enabled devices such as PCs, Macs, Printers, a broadband internet router, a Games Console, a Media server, etc and switch on. The Powerline Networking Adapters will take a few seconds to register each other but in next to no time a network will be established throughout the office or home.

Gigabit Powerline ethernet network adapter is also called as Gigabit Powerline HD Networking Adapter, as it can be used for HD video data transfer using powerline communication.