Nowadays, people suffering from chronic degenerative diseases such as hypertension and diabetes can develop a plurimetabolic syndrome. This syndrome and both diseases in the same patient share some risk factors such as obesity, hypercholesterolemia, and atherosclerosis. Medical Electronics combinational devices target this new market and not only is power consumption a target, but bringing a better solution for disease control. Glucometer is a device for measuring levels of glucose concentration in the blood. This device is usually portable and is used at home for monitoring diabetic-patients. Blood pressure monitor is a device that detects systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, and mean arterial pressure for patients who suffer or are at risk of developing high blood pressure.

Glucometer – Blood Glucose Monitor

Design of Glucometer - Blood Glucose Monitor

Block Diagram of Glucometer - Blood Glucose Monitor

Glucometer or Blood Glucose Monitor is a device for measuring levels of glucose concentration in the blood. This device is usually portable and is used at home for monitoring diabetic-patients. Diabetes is one of the most common diseases today. It is essential to produce glucometers whose one of many advantages is to empower diabetics to take care of themselves without the need to visit doctors. Glucometers help to detect and confirm hypoglycemia and infections. High blood sugar may also be a sign of infection or illness that needs to be treated.

Figure shows a general diagram of a blood pressure monitor. It shows different peripherals for communication between the user and the device. The most important part is the test strip, this is the glucose sensor to collocate the blood and get a determined measurement with the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) of the microcontroller unit (MCU). The other peripherals are LCD display, and Bluetooth wireless interface.

Blood Pressure Monitor and Hypertension

Blood Pressure Monitoring System

Design of Electronic Blood Pressure Monitoring System

Because hypertension (high blood pressure) becoming more and more common, technology has had to develop medical devices to help control these diseases. These portable devices allow monitoring blood pressure at home. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition when the blood pressure in the arteries is chronically elevated. In every heart beat, the heart pumps blood through the arteries to rest of the body. Blood pressure is the force of the blood that is pushing up against the walls of the blood vessels. If the pressure is too high, the heart has to work harder to pump and this can lead to several diseases. A blood pressure monitor is a device used to measure arterial pressure as blood is pumped away from the heart.

Typically, from a user’s perspective, a monitor includes an inflatable cuff to restrict blood flow and a manometer (pressure meter) to measure the blood pressure. From a system designer’s perspective a blood pressure monitor is more complex. It consists of a power supply, motor, memory, pressure sensor, and user interfaces that can include a display, keypad, or touchpad, and audio as well as optional USB or wireless communication interfaces.

Design of Glucometer and Blood Pressure (BP) Monitoring system is explained in detail in an application note offered by Freescale Semconductor. This document describes a combinational medical electronics device designed to integrate both a low-end glucometer and a blood pressure monitor. Link to this design document is: