Die-cast enclosures suit two very different requirements

Color coded to provide visual
quick identification on stage, model 1590 die-cast STOMP box enclosures are
typically used for producing guitar effects, such as distortion,
wah-wah, delay, chorus, and phaser. Available
in two new sizes — the 254 x 70 x 35-mm 1590 BX2and the 254 x 70 x 51-mm 1590
BX — they now allow multiple pedals to be mounted in a single enclosure. What’s
more, these sizes are also being specified for a completely different
requirement: a radio antenna splitter where multiple local feeds are broken out
from the incoming aerial. In both applications, the intrinsic RFI shielding,
the mechanical strength and the environmental sealing of the enclosure are key



A lap joint seals the units
to IP54, protecting against the ingress of dust and water, and the painted
finish is only applied to the external surfaces, maintaining RFI integrity. The
1590 is also available as standard in natural finish or with a satin black
painted finish. All sizes can be supplied factory modified with machining and
silk screening to the user’s specification.