Handheld Transducer Simulator Eases Troubleshooting/Verification/Calibration Chores

Meggitt Sensing Systems
March 21, 2017

The Endevco 4830B handheld transducer simulator aids in the troubleshooting and calibration of test systems. The instrument simulates the electrical output of accelerometers with adjustable parameters for both frequency and amplitude. Configurable, it performs repetitive verifications/calibrations with minimal inputs while the user interface allows for quick and easy setup. Features include:
• Multiple transducer outputs (single-ended/differential charge, single-ended voltage, Isotron [IEPE] and tachometer)
• Adjustable parameters (waveform type, frequency, sensitivity, acceleration [g] and tacho ratio)
• Built-in vibration calculator to adjust conditions based on displacement and velocity
• Fundamental frequency and order of magnitude feedback
• Custom simulation profiles
• Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) input
• PC interface

Accessories include a quick-start guide, instruction manual, utility software, Twinax BNC plug, 10-32 to BNC adaptor, universal power supply, carrying case, and USB interface cable. Demo units are available upon request.

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