Counterfeiting and cloning of devices, piracy of content, software and data, reverse engineering of software and attacks on devices and communication systems lead to yearly losses of billions of dollars. Brand damage is often an important additional effect with a huge long-term economic impact. In some situations even the safety of our society is in danger due to these attacks. Appropriate protection of data, content, intellectual property and devices is key to the success of all commercial and governmental organizations.

Intrinsic-ID is recognized as a worldwide leader in security solutions, delivering semiconductor IP and embedded software products based on Hardware Intrinsic Security. Its unique solutions that are based on the unique intrinsic characteristics of a device feature a low implementation cost, standard manufacturing flow, scalability and seamless integration.

Intrinsic-ID’s wide range of products serves security applications in the following markets: Embedded systems, Identification, automotive, communications, content distribution, pay TV, government and defense. Secure your future and the future of your customers with Intrinsic-ID’s advanced security solutions.

The security products of Intrinsic-ID are based on a technology called Hardware Intrinsic Security (HIS). Hardware Intrinsic Security consists of security primitives that exploit the unique properties of ICs to provide a secure and a trusted system base.

Modern ICs are unique due to the deep-submicron process variations manifested during manufacturing. The most important variation is that of doping concentration and location. Because of this phenomenon the threshold voltages vary transistor per transistor. This uniqueness and the fact that these variations are very hard to control during manufacturing, make it possible to build so-called Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs). PUFs are physical structures embedded in an IC which are very hard to clone due to their unique micro- or nano-scale properties that originate from the inherent deep- submicron process variations. PUFs are widely recognized as an important new, unclonable, security primitive. Intrinsic-IDs innovative, patented approach based on PUFs is used to secure electronic devices, making these devices forgery resistant.

With this technology of Hardware Intrinsic Security (HIS) and Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs), keys can be protected without their value being stored. Since the keys are not present when the device is switched off, a very high security level can be achieved, even on very small technology nodes.