HARTING launches M12 Magnetic

New from Harting, the M12 Magnetics is an industrial connector which combines a robust transformer and an RJ45 Ethernet socket in an IP65/67 protected unit containing all the necessary components that would otherwise have take up extra space on the circuit board.

Integral transformers in IP20 protected RJ45 sockets have been in industrial use for some time, but the M12 Magnetics offers customers the benefits of saving space and integrating mutually compatible Ethernet components that are miniaturised for field applications.

The result is a device-side M12 socket that requires no extra space while already containing the transformer unit and other components required for Ethernet implementation. In the past, these components had to be accommodated next to the socket on the circuit board, but they are now integrated as part of a space-saving design that also simplifies the circuit-board layout. Conductor tracks can be made a lot lighter and more direct because they do not have to be arranged around multiple components, making circuit-board planning simpler and cheaper.

A further benefit of the new device is increased reliability because all the different components are provided by the same manufacturer, eliminating the compatibility problems that can occur when different suppliers’ products are combined.

With the ability to handle 10Gbit Ethernet and max PoE+ Power over Ethernet, HARTING’s M12 Magnetics is a miniaturised interface for handling both power and data.

Neil Tyler