Harting’s UHF RFID reader offers flexibility

New from Harting the RF-R3x0 is a versatile UHF RFID reader that combines software flexibility with an extremely robust and compact design that enable its deployment in a wide range of application scenarios.

The use of M12 industrial connectors and aluminium die-cast housings means that the reader is rugged enough to meet demanding requirements, while the flexible software concept means that a few clicks are all it takes to switch the unit to a completely different application.

Typical applications might range from a simple PLC connection to the integration of signals with an ERP system or a connection to a train control system.

The UHF RFID reader is based on four basic versions: the LLRP 1.1, which is also designed to connect to Harting’s Ha-VIS middleware; a unit with OPC UA support that meets the Companion Specification for Auto ID Devices for uniform connection to ERP and PLC systems (interface description available at info@AIM.de or from the OPC Foundation); a Modbus TCP version for easy connection to PLC systems (which is also suitable for communication with older PLC systems); and a version containing embedded middleware for complete standards-based data pre-processing.

Various communication facilities such as web services, database connections, UDP and TCP telegrams are available for configuration.

These capabilities make it very easy to create additional project-based or industry-specific solutions. Due to the software container concept of the MICA industrial computer platform, which serves as the basis of the new Ha-VIS RF-R3x0 reader family, the system is extremely versatile.

The Ha-VIS RF-R300 contains all the basic functions listed above for testing. These can then be activated or licensed in an application-specific manner.

Neil Tyler