A world class RTLS solution in Industrial IoT for indoor positioning of Returnable Transport Packages

[Stockholm, Sweden, April 27, 2017.] H&D Wireless, a leading Internet of Things, cloud and platform system provider, now current for listing at the Stockholm stock exchange, today announced the launch of GEPS for Industry, H&D Wireless’s new IoT enterprise indoor real time localization service (RTLS) of Returnable Transport Packages (RTP), specifically developed for the manufacturing industry to support its path to digitalization.

GEPS™ for Industry is specifically developed to address asset management and visualization challenges of the global manufacturing industry, including asset utilization, production bottlenecks, uneven production flow or stops and unexpected machinery breakdowns.

The new real time localization system is based on the company’s flagship location service system, the Griffin Enterprise Positioning Service, GEPS, an IoT cloud platform containing world-class wireless modules, cloud services with analytics and artificial intelligence and smartphone applications.

The new RTLS solution provides real-time information between physical objects in the process and the business system, i.e., for example, racks and pallets that are being used in the production process and in the supply chain, when returning to the beginning of the supply chain. These packages are also referred to as Returnable Transport Packages (RTP), and may in some industries be worth large amounts of money, normally labelled in the balance sheet as inventory, and regarded as a prerequisite as well as a limitation for the production flow.

The system is preintegrated with SAP, the world’s leading ERP application, with 345,000 customers worldwide and more than 125 million subscribers in its cloud user base.

H&D Wireless recently attracted 2,7 MUSD and intends to list the company’s shares on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm this summer.

Multi-billion dollar market

GEPS for Industry allows manufacturing companies to digitalize and visualize business processes and follow key assets and products in real time. The system, supporting several wireless technologies such as UWB, BLE, RFID and Wi-Fi together with Big data analytics and artificial intelligence that can locate forklifts, assets, people, end products and working progress. It enables workers and management to view business progress, and find issues before they turn into problems.

With GEPS for Industry, H&D Wireless strengthens its position in the fast-growing market of Real-Time Locating Services (RTLS), within enterprises for assets, supply chain and people. The Smart Factory and Industrial IoT market is expected to exceed $205bn by 2020 (Markets and Markets research).

“Our new real time localization system is truly world-leading and will support and accelerate the digitalization of business processes in the global manufacturing industry,” said Pär Bergsten, founder and CEO of H&D Wireless. “It is part of the Internet of Things revolution connecting wireless modules, cloud services with analytics and artificial intelligence and smartphone applications and brings benefits such as reduced costs, smarter work and better connections with customers.”

Live demonstration at SAP event in Gothenburg

H&D Wireless is a member of SAPSA. GEPS was demonstrated for Industry at the SAPSA event ”VårIMPULS 2017” at the Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg on April 26, 2017. Please contact Mr Pär Bergsten for a personal demonstration