The new float design of the Molex Couer CST interconnect system accommodates pin-to-socket misalignment for easier mating

By Warren Miller, contributing writer

The Coeur CST high-current interconnect system from Molex offers simple and safe pin-to-socket
connections. Featuring an innovative float design, the Couer CST allows for
easy mating between two printed circuit boards (PCBs), bus bars, or a
combination of the two.

misalignment is a common challenge when trying to connect PCBs or bus bars. The
Couer CST design supplies up to 1.00 mm of axial float, thereby limiting the
stress put on those connections. The system also allows for board-to-board
profiles as low as 5.00 mm, making it a compact solution for mated
board-to-board profiling. The system also offers sockets with or without the
float feature, said Molex.

“It is difficult to
have perfect pin-to-socket alignment when mating two rigid PCBs or bus bars,”
according to Jeff Gaumer, global product manager for Molex. “In the Coeur CST
High-Current Interconnect System, our design allows for the entire core socket
assembly to move within an outer housing, preventing potential overstress
damage to the contacts. This makes Coeur CST ideal for applications where the
need for float is critical for power distribution mechanical packaging.”

The interconnect system delivers between 30 A and 200 A of
current. Multiple contact beams optimize electrical performance, said Molex.

Supporting a variety of PCB, bus bar, and wire
solutions, the Couer CST
provides both wire-to-wire and wire-to-board solutions with male and female
crimp contacts as well as single- and multi-row housings. Features include positive
latching, touch-safe, and vertical and right-angle configurations.

The flexible
design can accommodate a variety of PCB and bus bar mounting headers. In
addition, the same common contact design is used on all of the CST sockets (3.4
mm, 6 mm, and 8 mm).