LQ2 series quick-disconnect couplings offer high-flow capacity 1/8-inch
connectors for liquid cooling. The connectors also feature unique elbow and
swivel configurations and an integrated thumb latch for easy, one-handed
operation in tight spaces, such as the server racks of large data centers.

The color-coded thumb latch is simple and intuitive to
operate, contributing to fast, foolproof connections. A multi-lobed seal offers
redundant protection against leakage and lasting shape retention during
extended periods of connection. Multi-lobe seals provide greater sealing
efficiency than standard O-rings while requiring less force to connect. The
non-spill design allows disconnection under pressure without leaks—critical to protecting
electronics from exposure to fluid and enabling hot swapping of equipment.

The LQ2 Series connectors are currently specified in a major manufacturer’s
next-generation supercomputers. In addition to use in data centers and
high-performance computers, the connectors target a range of applications,
including medical lasers and MRI machines, power generation and management
equipment, aerospace, and high-end digital equipment such as projectors,
radars, televisions and more.