Swindon, UK – 11th April 2018 – The new RZ/G1C microprocessor, available from Rutronik UK, is Renesas’ latest addition to its high-performance RZ/G-series. It is suitable for applications ranging from entry-level solutions to high-complexity embedded systems. Thanks to its support for a 3D graphics engine and a Full HD (FHD) video decoder, it allows fast development of powerful HMI and visual applications.

The RZ/G1C, which is based on the industry-leading 1.0 GHz dual-core ARM® Cortex®-A7 CPU, offers performance and balance for networked HMI systems. It supports a variety of interfaces, including USB and Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). Full pin compatibility among the derivatives means that users can replace one RZ series product with another – whether low or high-end – enabling future requirements to be satisfied flexibly.
The new microprocessor has an integrated PowerVR® SGX5313D graphics engine and an FHD H.264 video decoder. It also offers one analogue and two digital camera inputs for embedded computer vision and other video applications. The RZ/G1C is also optimized for Linux-based application development.
Because the RZ/G1C does not require a power sequencer or PMIC on the circuit board, BOM costs are reduced and the development and production of circuit boards is simplified.

More information on the Renesas RZ/G1C is available on the e-commerce platform Rutronik24.com (where orders can also be placed directly):