High power density and extra wide input bricks target demanding applications

Powerbox has introduced two new board mounted DC/DC converters to power industrial and railway applications, offering extra wide input PQB50U-72S and the ultra-high power density PFB600W-110S.

With an extra wide input of 12:1 (14V to 160V) the PQB50U-72S delivers 50W in quarter brick packaging, bringing greater simplicity to power designers addressing EN50155 applications (one unit covering all bus voltages).

In full brick packaging, the PFB600W-110S delivers a 600W unit within a 4:1 input voltage range of 43V to 160V, accommodating 72V, 96V and 110V bus voltages.

Both products can be operated from -40°C up to +100°C case temperature, matching very demanding and ruggedized requirements such as in construction vehicles, mining equipment & heavy machinery process control.

In addressing the requirements of demanding industries and those from forthcoming Industry 4.0 applications, system designers are having to guarantee full performance in a multitude of applications operating from 24V to 72V and fixed industrial battery backup systems using 110V in which the quality of line is often disturbed.

The PQB50U-72S has been designed to sustain high level of line disturbance within a range as low as 14V to a 200V surge. In such environments, the PQB50U-72S is able to guarantee full output performance, simplifying design for systems architects and by having only one power module covering all ranges of input voltage, thus reducing inventory.

The PQB50U-72S comes in a standardised DOSA quarter-brick package and the module is available in four output voltages (5V/6A ; 12V/4.2A ; 24V/2.1A and 48V/1.05A). The device is able to sustain 200V/100ms surge input voltage, includes short circuit and over-voltage protection, meets UL60950-1-2nd edition basic insulation and meets the EN50155 (EN61373) shock and vibration standard. The unit can be operated from -40°C up to +100°C case temperature and has an efficiency of 86%. The PQB50U-72S includes an aluminum baseplate, making it possible to fix a heatsink or mount it directly to a cold-wall or chassis.

The PQB50U-72S has an isolation voltage of 3,000VDC (min) between input/output, 1,500VDC input/case and 1,500VDC output to case.

Packaged in an industry standard full-brick, the PFB600W-110S is available in four output voltages (12V/50A ; 24V/25A ; 28V/21.4A and 48V/12.5A) with an output power up to 600W. The PFB600W-110S is fully regulated and operates at a fixed switching frequency of 250 KHz and includes a PI type input filter reducing the input and noise. PFB600W-110S includes current limiting, continuous short-circuit protection, under/over-voltage lockout and an over-temperature protection with thermal shutdown with automatic recovery. For safety, the module complies with the UL60950-1 2nd edition (Basic isolation) has an input/output and input/case isolation of 2,500VDC and 500VDC output/case.

For additional power or operational redundancy, the PFB600W-110S can be used in parallel. A paralleling control circuit is included within the product, guaranteeing true load-sharing, without the need to add external components. PFB600W-110S has a typical efficiency of 89% and designed carefully to optimize the thermal dissipation through the baseplate.

The product complies with EN50155 (EN61373) shock and vibration standard and environmental EN50155 (EN60068-2-1). PQB50U-72S and PFB600W-110S meet CE Mark 2004/108/EC requirements.

The new comers PQB50U-72S and PFB600W-110S compliment the very large range of Powerbox DC/DC Converters Modules, which include more than 5000 models.

Neil Tyler