GE unveiled Ultra Powerful High-Tech Laser Welding System. GE’s new High-Power Hybrid Laser Arc Welding (HLAW) System is a 20-kW hybrid laser arc welder that will dramatically increase speed at which industrial products can be made and assembled. GE scientists and engineers at the company’s Global Research headquarters in Niskayuna, NY today unveiled a high-power hybrid laser arc welding system that will revolutionize how industrial products are manufactured in the future. It will benefit Energy, Aviation, Oil & Gas and Transportation businesses.

High-Power Laser Arc Welding (HLAW) SystemGE’s hybrid laser arc welding (HLAW) process uses a combination of laser welding and arc welding. With high-power fiber lasers, one is able to weld steels greater than 0.5” thick in a single pass at speeds greater than 6 ft/min. The result is a higher quality weld compared to traditional multi-pass welding approaches.

To develop this technology, GE has leveraged decades of expertise in electrical power and laser technology. Over the years, GE has pioneered the use of lasers in manufacturing applications ranging from laser hole drilling in aircraft turbine blades to the first use of lasers for surface treatment of fan blades for better durability. Lasers are also used to weld filaments for lighting products, lamination spacers for generators, and components for X-ray tubes. In recent years, GE has developed new applications of the laser that include the measurement of precision parts in production applications, the repair of power generation parts and the processing of solar panel materials.