EXAR - RS-485/RS-422 receivers


The XR33180, XR33181, XR33183 and XR33184 are high performance
RS-485/RS-422 receivers designed to meet the increasing system
requirements found in today’s high performance serial communication

The receiver includes enhanced failsafe circuitry, guaranteeing
a logic-high receiver output when the receiver inputs are open,
shorted, or undriven. The XR33180/81/83/84 (XR3318x) receiver
input impedance is at least 48kΩ (1/4 unit load), allowing more than
128 devices on the bus. The bus pins are ESD protected and pass
IEC61000 level 4 (±15kV).

This is a wide supply (3.0V to 5.5V) device that operates at a maximum
data rate of 52Mbps and comes in very small 5-pin and 6-pin TSOT23
packages, making this standalone receiver ideal for high speed
point-to-point RS-485 applications where space is a concern.

The XR3318x offers several pinout options to maximize performance
in different applications while maintaining a minimum pin count. The
XR33180 is available in a 5-pin TSOT23 package with the receiver
always enabled. The XR33181 is available in a 6-pin TSOT23 package
and offers a active high receiver enable pin while the XR33183 has the
same pinout but with active low enable pin. The XR33184 is available
in a 6-pin TSOT23 package with a I/O logic supply pin to ease the
interface to MCU’s or FPGA’s that run off of different supply voltages.
The VL supply pin allows the XR33184 to interface to other devices
running off of supplies from ranging from 1.65V to VCC.

All XR3318x options operate up to a max data rate of 52Mbps, and
have excellent propagation delay and skew characteristics making
them a good choice for clock fanout or clock distribution systems.