TTI-Littelfuse_automotiveFebruary 2017 – A wide portfolio of discrete TVS diode devices from Littelfuse ranging from 200Watt up to 30kW including ultra high power AK families up to 15kA can now be sourced in Europe through TTI, Inc., a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components.

The high reliability and flexibility of the TVS diodes meets the requirements of numerous aerospace, military, industrial, as well as medical applications. The products are offered with a standard voltage range from 5V up to 300V and power ratings from 600W up to 30.000W. Customized versions are available upon request.

Littelfuse’s dedicated design team with AS9100 certified facility provides specialized upscreening services based upon Specification MIL-PRF-19500 for robust Hi-Rel TVS Diodes that are suitable selection for applications require higher reliability performance under harsh conditions. TVS diodes allow for easy design-in in compliance with the RTCA/DO-160 standard (environmental conditions and test procedures for airborne equipment).