holographic-displayHolograms is a recording of two or three dimensional medium of an interference pattern formed by interaction of monochromatic sourced light beam with the beam of similar wavelength coming from the object. When it is illuminated by the source light beam, the interference pattern regenerates the wave fronts from the original object; as a result, the viewer gets a perception of original object.

Holographic displays generally use monochromatically illuminated holograms to create 3D image by reflection or transmission. True holographic displays generate images conformed to 6 depth cues: perception, occlusion, stereoscopic vision, motion parallax, convergence, accommodation. By these we can recognize 3D views in real world also. Today new technologies for true holographic displays like laser plasma emission is under further development to regenerate continuous 3d image, the present achievement is these are able to regenerate dotted array voxels.

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Holographic Display Market by display type is 360 Degree Display, User Interfacing Touchable Display, Laser Plasma Display or Touchable display.

By technology Holographic Display Market has various categories like Reflection, Transmission, and Hybrid etc. End user industries of holographic displays include Education, Industrial, Architectural, Art and Museum, Medical, Automotive, Engineering and Construction, Commercial, Research, Entertainment, Defense and Aerospace, E-Commerce.

When looking over the Holographic Display Market geographically, the top leading region in this market is North America, followed by Europe, APAC, South America and ROW. More than half of this market will be dominated by USA in the future, according to IndustryARC.

Holographic Display Market is a profitable market with a gradual growth as well as a lot of scope of application in medical, communication, entertainment, training etc. and has a great scope of being a popular technology.

In the Holographic Display Market research report made by IndustryARC firm, major players manufacturing holographic displays are profiled in the report with company overview, financial overview, business strategies, product portfolios, recent developments and market shares of the key players.

Few of the major prominent players of the Holographic Display Market are:

  • Ostendo Technologies Inc.,
  • Holoxica Ltd., LEIA Inc.,
  • Geola Digital uab,
  • Realfiction Group Inc.,
  • 360 Brandvision LLC

The Holographic Display Market is a constantly growing market with a lot of scope in innovation as well as many uses in the upcoming forecast period of 2015-2020.

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