Improved switching efficiency, increased reliability and reduced EMI

Credit: Nexperia

A 100V family of power MOSFETs which delivers low reverse recovery charge (Qrr) and includes parts that are qualified to 175°C in the LFPAK56 (PowerSO8) package, has been launched by Nexperia.

The NextPower 100V family MOSFETs are designed for high efficiency switching and high reliability applications.

With 50% lower RDS(on) and strong avalanche energy rating, Nexperia has said they’re ideally suited for power supply, telecom and industrial designs, especially suiting USB-PD Type-C chargers and adaptors and 48 V DC-DC adaptors.

The devices are said to feature low body diode losses, with QRR down to 50 nano-coulombs (nC), resulting in lower reverse recovery current (IRR), lower voltage spikes (Vpeak) and reduced ringing, allowing for further optimised dead-time.

The MOSFETs are available in three packages: TO220 and I2PAK thru-hole devices and the LFPAK56 package (SMT). All package variants feature Tj(max) of 175°C and are said to fully meet the extended temperature requirements of IPC9592.

Bethan Grylls