jet-printing-newAvailable at Gemini Tec.

Our stencil free operation eliminates cost and reduces manufacturing times.

Suited to the most complex of PCBA’s, Solder Jet Printing makes it possible reflow the most challenging of components, where traditional screen printers struggle.

Jet Printing places millions of perfectly shaped solder dots onto each pad on the PCB, to create the perfect solder deposit, time and time again, a dot of paste – for every pad on the PCB.


Gemini was the first UK CEM to adopt this process for all its customers.

Solder jet printing allows control far beyond traditional stencils, with each component having the right volume solder paste.

Stencil-free means a reduction in lead time, as we no longer need to engineer and purchase stencils. During the prototype phase, we can make edits to the paste programs within seconds, without the need to re-order any stencils.

We can react rapidly to changing requirements, provide complex PCBA orders quickly, yet still achieve a superior level of quality.