Early beta users of OnScale’s world-class SaaS-based CAE solvers include Siemens, GE, and InvenSense

By Jean-Jacques DeLisle,
contributing writer

a leading computer aided engineering (CAE) and cloud high performance computing
(HPC) provider, has announced general availability of its new
Solver-as-a-service (SaaS) platform – OnScale Cloud. This on-demand
availability of high-performance CAE tools and computing services comes in
response to a rapidly rising demand for such technologies. The demand for
the new technology comes from many different places including in 5G RF,
Internet of Things (IoT)/Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors, biomedical,
and smart car industries. 

OnScale Cloud is now generally available. Image source:


new SaaS service platform will allow engineers to solve next-generation
problems by giving them access to boutique engineering design teams and multinational
engineering firms cost-effective computational power, agility and scalability
through a novel Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pay-as-you-go subscription model.
This platform opens doors for many developers to have access to CAE for the
first time, and could have implications all over the world. The OnScale Cloud
platform is not only for wealthy tech companies, however, its pay as you go
model includes free options so engineers from all over the world can have
access to what it has to offer and develop new better products for the future.


was built for engineers, by engineers,” said Ian Campbell, CEO of OnScale.
“We’ve experienced the restrictive nature of legacy CAE tools ourselves, so we
designed OnScale tools to help engineers at Fortune 100 companies and startups
alike remove cost and compute constraints. Our early beta customer success
confirms the pent-up demand within the engineering community for a better way
to design the future of 5G, IoT, and IIoT, biomedical, and driverless car


OnScale Solver-as-a-Service Platform is designed to combine sophisticated
Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) multiphysics solvers and the nearly limitless
computing power of cloud High Performance Computing (HPC) to remove many of the
performance and cost constraints of legacy CAE/HPC. The new technology also
reduces design cycles from months to weeks or even days, and can be used by
engineers to deliver never before seen solver performance that can easily be
scaled to meet the ever-changing workload that is inherent in CAE platforms.


 We can expect to the new OnScale Cloud
platform being used by many companies in the coming months, and years. No doubt
other SaaS platforms will arise in response to this new development as the tech
war rages on and companies scramble for the next big thing, but for now On
Scale is making history and allowing engineers all the way from the biggest
companies to the smallest startups access to powerful tools that will no doubt
shape the future of us all.