Sierra Monitor Corp. introduced the Model 5100-28-IT, the best-of-class Infrared Combustible Gas Sensor Module, now includes HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) interface. The 5100-28-IT Infrared Combustible Gas Sensor Module is truly network enabled, meeting user’s and integrator’s needs to communication with any plant-wide control and monitoring system.

HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) is a global bi-directional communication protocol standard for sending and receiving digital information across analog wires between smart field devices and host control or monitoring systems. The host can be any software application from a technician’s hand-held device or laptop to a plant’s process control, Asset management, safety or other system using any control platform. The HART bi-directional communication protocol used on the Sierra Monitor IR Combustibles Gas Sensor Module has been developed to fully comply with the HART specifications outlined by the HART Communication Foundation.

The FM Approved 5100-28-IT IR Gas Sensor Module utilizes Non-Dispersive Infrared technology to monitor for combustible gases (Methane and others). Output range is either 0-100% of LEL (default) or percent (%) by volume. This Module requires minimal maintenance with a calibration check once a year. Internal continuous self-diagnostics will automatically indicate any fault or optics problems.

The 5100-28-IT Infrared Combustible Gas Sensor Module now provides interface via HART or 4-20 mA, Modbus RS-485 or Sierra Monitor’s proprietary Sentry bus. The 5100-28-IT is a standalone Infrared Combustible Gas Sensor Module loaded with the features required to provide the due diligence expected in hazardous areas including:

  • Long term calibration interval for reduced maintenance costs
  • FM approved for performance and area safety requirements including Group B
  • SIL Certified
  • Fastest response time, highest accuracy, and specifications unmatched in the industry.
  • Integral scrolling LED with magnet operated menu for display of gas status and easy, non-intrusive calibration
  • Isolated 4-20mA, Modbus RTU, HART and Sentry digital bus output to meet specific application communications requirements
  • Integral alarm relays may be supplemented by higher amperage control relays in the same enclosure