By Alix Paultre, contributing editor

To reduce the red
glow that can occur with infrared light sources in the short-wave infrared
range, Osram’s Synios P2720 emits light at a wavelength of 940 nm. Up to now,
the sensitivity of IR cameras was only good if the light source had a
wavelength of 850 nm, but the cameras have been further developed to give them
greater sensitivity in longer wavelength ranges, which, in turn, improves the
overall performance of the system.

The Synios P2720 delivers an output of 1,150 mW
at 1 A and a radiant intensity of 360 mW/sr. Measuring 2.0 x 2.75 x 0.6 mm, the
IRED is ideal for space-critical applications and has no optics, so you can
install secondary optics in line with your requirements.