The ISP1807-LR is a Bluetooth 5.0 long-range compliant module in a miniature SIP package, targeting complex IoT applications

By Gina Roos, editor-in-chief

, a specialist in ultra-miniature RF modules,
has introduced the ISP1807-LR module, touted as the first fully Bluetooth 5.0
long-range compliant RF module in a miniature SIP package. Housed in an 8 × 8 ×
1-mm footprint, the miniature BLE module is based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52840 chip. It provides a Bluetooth
5 stack including long range, high throughput, advertising extensions, and
improved coexistence along with IPv6 connectivity and mesh capabilities, making
the module well-suited as a hub for IoT solutions.

The ISP1807-LR
module targets IoT solutions that require complex applications, fast processing,
and/or best-in-class power consumption, according to Insight SiP. These include
advanced wearables, smart-home and industrial sensors, advanced remote
controls, gaming controllers and beacons.

The BLE smart
module also integrates 32-MHz/32-KHz crystals, RF antenna and matching circuit,
and DC-DC converter, delivering power-saving efficiency. Thanks to an M4
floating-point processor, the ISP1807-LR can run fast and advanced calculations
as well as support sophisticated applications with its 1-MB flash and 256-kB
RAM memory. An embedded Arm Cryptocell-310 on-chip processor provides security
and cryptographic functions, which reduces CPU processing time and energy
consumption. A USB interface is also available.

“The Nordic
Semiconductor chip’s BT5 long-range feature is perfectly complemented by
Insight SIP’s proven advanced ‘Antenna-in-Package’ technology, which allows
customers to get the most out of the long-range capability,” said Insight SiP. “Bluetooth
long range offers up to 4× the range of a standard BLE solution, enabling a new
whole new set of use cases for BLE technology in domains such as smart
buildings, lighting, agriculture, infrastructure management, and many others.”

Protocol support
includes BLE, THREAD, ANT/ANT+, and a range of proprietary 2.4-GHz protocols.
An NFC Tag is available for OOB pairing. A full set of interfaces is integrated
into the device for analog or digital peripherals including a configurable 46
GPIOS with 8 ADC and USB, SPI, I2C, and UART buses.

Free qualified
BLE stacks for the nRF52840 are implemented in the S140 SoftDevices and enable
the ISP1807-LR to be used in central, peripheral, observer, or broadcaster
roles with up to 20 connections. Pin-to-pin compatibility with the ISP1507 provides
an easy upgrade for existing designs. A development kit with sample software is
available to get developers started on a new design.

Insight SiP’s products
will be showcased by its distributors at electronica 2018 in the following
stands: Texim Europe — Hall B5 #418; Tekmodul GmbH — Hall C3 #418; and Rutronik
GmbH — Hall C4 #434 and Hall C3 #312.