Amphenol’s new
interconnect systems for machine applications combine power and signal into a
single connector. These interconnect solutions are designed for demanding
environments such as factory automation and industrial robotics.

The C16-3
connectors, for instance, are suitable for rugged environments like motor
connections with little or no shielding requirements. They feature multiple
mechanical coding options that allow the use of the same connectors beside each

Then there are
C091 connectors that are available with either a screw or bayonet locking
system. They boast robust signal transmission and are targeted at areas such as
automation control, test and measurement, medical, sensors, and

Next, Amphenol’s heavy|mate C146 series features
stamped contact to facilitate cost-effective wiring. It’s based on two parallel
modular systems that enable signal, power, pneumatic, coax, and Ethernet
connections on a single connector in an individually customized arrangement.
The manufacturer claims to have designed these heavy-duty connectors for harsh
industrial environments.