Saelig WiPry-Combo is the world’s first dynamic power meter and spectrum analyzer accessory for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. WiPry-Combo converts an iOS mobile device into an ultraportable spectrum analyzer and dynamic power meter. WiPry-Combo brings RF power measurements to a graphical interface to show RF waveforms like an oscilloscope – instead of displaying voltage/RF amplitude. Actual power output can be triggered, captured, and recorded for protocol verification or for troubleshooting wireless devices. Data is collected at up to 12 MegaSamples per second, allowing analysis and verification of the smallest protocol level on/off times. WiPry-Combo offers data logging in csv format, while screenshot results can be instantly emailed via the iOS host phone.

iPhone- based WiFi Spectrum Analyzer and Power MeterWiPry-Combo’s external antenna is attached via an SMB connector, allowing alternate antenna or direct input options. Setups can be customized and accessed quickly – ideal for on-the-go technicians. Software for running WiPry-Combo – including a demo package that does not require the actual WiPry device – is available free at Apple’s AppStore, and is available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. WiPry-Combo is compatible with all generations of iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad devices running iOS version 3.1.3 or higher. With these advanced features and Apple’s intuitive multi-touch user interface and brilliant, high-resolution displays, WiPry delivers the easiest-to-use, most intuitive WiFi spectrum analyzer solution available.

In its Spectrum Analyzer mode, WiPry-Combo offers a practical solution for identifying interference or open channels in the 2.4GHz ISM band, or for identifying unauthorized WiFi access points. Operating in the frequency range: 2.400 to 2.495 GHz, it measures signals from -40dBm to +20dBm with an amplitude resolution of 2.0dBm and a bandwidth resolution of 1MHz. The band sweep time is 200ms.

In its Dynamic Power Meter mode, the device becomes a 100MHz-2.7GHz RF power meter accessory which graphically displays RF power levels. The graphical interface instantly shows waveform amplitude with respect to time. WiPry-Combo triggers, captures, and records actual power output levels with an intuitive and easy-to-use touchscreen interface with a timescale adjustable between 2μs/div to 1s/div. Signal amplitude display is from -45dBm to +20dBm with a resolution of 2.0dBm. Display configurations can be saved for on-the-go measurements, and iOS’s two finger “stretch” allows zooming in and out of scaling without the need for buttons or knobs.