The OP207CL IR LED emitter from TT Electronics delivers uniform parallel light output for optical sensing and position encoders

By Warren Miller, contributing writer

claims that its new infrared LED emitter offers the
largest spot diameter in the industry. Featuring a 7-mm spot size, the OP207CL is optimized for high
reliability in optical sensing and position encoder applications.

The OP207CL is
designed to function at a high level in extreme environments and can withstand
temperatures between –40°C and 105°C. It’s also very space-efficient. The LED
itself is mounted on a PCB substrate that measures 9.9 × 9.9 mm with a 6.3-mm

The GaAIAs LED emits wavelengths
in the 840 to 870 near-infrared range and offers up to 10 mW of total radiated
power at a maximum drive current of 100 mA. Coupled with a 2.25° angle of half-intensity,
this allows the OP207CL to detect on/off transitions and respond to turn-on/-off
signals with a typical rise/fall time of 22 ns.

For devices like
linear or radial encoders that require a high degree of accuracy, the
integrated collimating lens provides a tight beam profile, which is optimal for
making absolute or incremental measurements.

Key applications:

  • Linear and rotary encoders
  • Optical sensors and switches
  • Long-range light barriers
  • Optical scanning and edge sensing
  • Automatic control systems

Electronics believes that the OP207CL can be valuable in a variety of fields
that depend on optical sensing and switching applications, including robotics,
industrial automation, and security sensors.