IR Sensor Performs Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

Kobold Instruments Inc.
November 9, 2016

The TIR-FA is a stationary infrared sensor for non-contact temperature measurement of non-metallic surfaces and painted, coated, or anodized metals. The small housing enables installation in compact production machines and the solid and rugged design guarantees reliability even in rough industrial environments. With the built-in air purge, the lens can be protected from dust and moisture contamination. These features allow it to be adapted to various measuring tasks. It is an analog measuring device that provides three different outputs. Features include:
• Non-Contact Temperature Measurement
• Built-in Air Purge Unit to Keep the Optic Lens Clean
• Easy to Install and Operate
• Adjustable Emissivity
• -20°C to +300°C to +1100°C to +2500°C
• Accuracy: 0.8% of Reading + 1°C…1.5% of Range
• Output: 4-20 mA, Thermoelectric Voltage Type J/K 10 mV/°C

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