Isolated Magnetic Dipole (IMD) Antenna, Ethertronics’ patented, award winning, antenna technology that resists detuning in real life situations. It was developed to meet the rapidly growing need for increasingly sophisticated embedded antenna solutions. The result of years of research, development and testing, IMD consistently outperforms competing technologies in terms of smaller size, greater coverage and lower emissions. It is increasingly the choice of top product designers requiring optimal performance and size for demanding wireless applications.

Antennas play a critical role in overall service quality that end-users experience with any product. For many devices, service providers require that products meet performance targets in order to be sold in the market. Without this approval, product launches can be delayed significantly, or worse, never make it out of the lab.

IMD antenna technology’s patented design configuration confines the current flow to the antenna element. This optimizes the isolation of the antenna and reduces energy loss to surrounding componentry and the environment. Ethertronics’ IMD technology is presently deployed in hundreds of products covering a wide variety of applications operating from 200 MHz to 10 GHz. Higher isolation delivers 4 key benefits to product designs:

  1. It improves coverage in normal usage.
  2. It has less interaction with surrounding components for higher performance and greater implementation flexibility.
  3. It allows for smaller antennas that are easier to fit into complex designs.
  4. It controls near-field emissions, ensuring that designs meet SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) requirements in different markets.

Ethertronics’ vast library of standard antenna designs offers exceptional solutions for wireless products faced with fixed space and demanding performance requirements. Their “off the shelf” configurations make them ideal for quick implementation without multiple design turns that can delay your speed to market. Ethertronics’ embedded antennas are available in a variety of materials to meet the widest range of applications, including:

  • Prestta™ high performance, stamped metal antennas for cellular, Bluetooth®, GPS, Mobile TV and WiFi/WiMAX applications
  • Savvi™ ultra compact ceramic antennas for Bluetooth, GPS, PCS/Diversity and WiFi/WiMAX
  • Plus, the near future will see Ethertronics’ entry into Active, Beam Steering and UWB technologies.