Demands of certification testing requires highly integrated test solutions


  • Solutions include software, instruments and fixtures
  • Used for certification testing, pre-compliance, and debugging support
  • Builds on long-term business collaboration

BANGALORE, India,May 05, 2017– Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) announced that they have partnered with Granite River Labs (GRL) to offer validation of next-generation USB 3.1 designs. Keysight’s USB and Type-C solution set includes software, instruments and fixtures and is ready for complete testing of the standards converging on this universal interface.GRL, a test center for many high-speed standards, has deep expertise in a wide range of technologies and offers official certification testing, pre-compliance and debugging support. This includes USB, DisplayPort, PCI Express®, DDR, SD Card/UHS-II, SATA, HDMI, MIPI and 10G/100G Ethernet.

“This announcement reinforces Keysight’s and GRL’s long-term business collaboration on compliance validation solutions for USB 3.x, among others,” said Sudhir Tangri, president and general manager of Keysight, India. “The partnership provides more evidence of Keysight’s ability to offer the most comprehensive and advanced test and measurement solutions.”

“It is critical for GRL to use accurate test and measurement equipment that offers excellent hardware and software upgradability,” said Rajaraman Venkatachalam, GRL India technical director. “Keysight’s USB test solutions, featuring powerful test capabilities, ease of use, high integration, and flexible bandwidth upgrades, are an excellent choice for our certification testing demands.”

“It’s been outstanding to work with GRL to enable high-speed digital interface standards such as USB,” said Sandeep Kapoor, Keysight India marketing manager. “We are confident that Keysight’s complete testing solution will help all USB customers meet quality and time-to-market product development requirements.”

The USB Implementer’s Forum (USB-IF) has developed the USB Type-C™ technology and connector to enable smaller product designs, enhance usability by providing reversible plug orientation and direction, and establish a power delivery and charging infrastructure. Other serial standards, including USB, Thunderbolt, DisplayPort and MHL, have announced support for the USB-C connector.

In today’s increasingly complex electronics field, it is important for test houses and designers to have the right tools to test electronic designs and ensure they comply to industry standards. From design to validation, Keysight’s complete USB test solution helps engineers quickly move from debug to characterization to compliance to done.

About Keysight in Digital Test

Keysight’s solutions for digital applications are driven and supported by Keysight experts who are involved in various international standards committees. Keysight experts are active in the Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council (JEDEC), PCI Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG®), Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO), USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI®) Alliance, Ethernet standards (IEEE 802.3), Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF)and many others. Keysight is committed to involvement in standards groups and related workshops, plugfests and seminars to ensure the right test solutions are created to meet customers’ evolving needs.