Joe Mattley, a graduate product designer from UK, has designed Freecharge Kinetic Energy Charger, a Kinetic Energy Harvester System designed to power and charging portable electronics gadgets such as mobile phones and digital cameras. Freecharge Kinetic Energy Harvester uses a powerful sliding magnet and 2500 turn copper coil in a solenoid arrangement to generate electricity from movement. It is designed to be attached to a bag or belt/clothing.

Kinetic Energy Harvester for Charging Portable ElectronicsSeveral test rigs were produced to determine how well the technology functions on a small scale with proof of concept testing in order to establish what could be achieved in a confined space. The designer produced several test rigs, these consisted of coils or wire and powerful neodinium magnets supported in an acrylic case. He tested these using first a cathode ray oscilloscope then a digital oscilloscope. He also produced circuitry to refine the current produced in order to make the prototype device as efficient as possible.

The portability of the conception along with its non-requirement of any type of power outlet makes it apt for people on the move. Moreover, being completely regulated to zero carbon emission, the charger also makes its ‘green’ mark on the sustainable side of affairs.

Freecharge Kinetic Energy Harvester can be secured in any pocket or can be clipped to suitable piece of webbing or clothing. According to the designer, It is aimed at people such as hikers, campers and festival goers who need to charge their devices on the go. The designer has not said when the device will be on the market.