Kyocera launches 0.5mm-pitch FPC/FFC connectors

Kyocera has unveiled a 0.5mm-pitch flexible printed circuit (FPC) and flat flexible cable (FFC) electronic connector with improved quality assurance (QA) checks to prevent misalignment.

The 6892 Series connectors feature an operating range from -40℃ to +125℃ and high-speed transmission making them suitable for automotive applications. The connectors are available globally in this month.

With the increasing use of electronics in vehicles such as Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and connected cars, the performance of automotive electronics is improving. This trend pushes the demand for connectors offering high-speed transmission capability to be used for in-vehicle infotainment, vehicle-mounted cameras, and radars, as well as reliability and optimal performance under harsh environments such as vibration and extreme temperatures.

Kyocera is looking to contribute to the evolution of the automotive industry by expanding its line-up with FPC/FFC connectors featuring heat resistance and high-speed transmission capability to meet the industry’s growing technology requirements.

Kyocera’s new 0.5mm-pitch FPC/FFC connectors correspond to the high-speed transmission interfaces of V-by-One HS and CalDriCon. The V-by-One HS reaches up to a maximum speed of 3.75Gbps.

Neil Tyler