new LAN transformer from Würth Elektronik has been manufactured in a fully automated
process, and it offers a compact design
and robust electrical properties. The eiSos
transformer extends the capabilities of the company’s WE-LAN AQ series for
industrial Ethernet applications.

replaces the wound toroid cores in the existing WE-LAN AQ series with SMD solderable
transformers and common-mode choke elements. As a result, the low return loss
attenuation provides the device with a better signal yield.


WE-LAN AQ series of transformers — compatible with conventional LAN products — are
specified for the industrial temperature range of –40°C to 85°C. Würth is
targeting its new transformers at EtherCAT
and Profinet systems mostly used in factory automation environments.

The eiSos
LAN transformer offers pin- and pad-compatible components for
conventional standard packages with a low height of 4 mm for the 10/100 Base-T
variant and 4.25 mm for the 1,000 Base-T variant. And the availability of lateral
half-vias means that their solder joints can be inspected in SMT production
using automated optical inspection (AOI).