Vision Components introduced the VC nano 3D, an ultra-compact machine vision system that can be freely configured for 3D and 2D visual inspection tasks, providing a cost-efficient solution for a wide range of applications. VC nano 3D offers new options in the field of machine vision, this intelligent 3D machine vision system also suitable for 2D inspection tasks! The new VC nano 3D series unite all advantages of VC Smart Cameras, intelligent design and embedded computing in very compact housing. Application Areas: Measurement, Robot Guidance, Completeness Check, Decoding of Stamped Parts, Part Inspection and many more!

Laser 3D Inspection Machine Vision Camera SystemMeasuring merely 140 x 70 x 35 mm, its housing includes an intelligent camera and a line laser with a 5 mW performance which enables the real-time recording of images at a scan rate of up to 400 Hz according to the triangulation method. The images can be analyzed by the DSP processor of the Smart Camera which has a computing power of 5,600 MIPS. Additionally, images can also be analyzed by a PC just like in standard 3D systems. In all models, a freely programmable 100 Mbit Ethernet interface allows for live video output on a PC.

Moreover, two digital inputs and four outputs are available for integration into existing automation environments. Designed for working distances between 80 and 120 mm, measuring ranges between 12 and 120 mm and vertical resolutions between 5 and 50 ┬Ám, twelve different camera models cover a wide application range. The cameras can be used in measuring technology applications, robot guidance, completeness checks, weld inspection, the inspection of components and the detection of codes on punched parts. Since the use of basic components from VC allows for very cost-efficient pricing, users can solve many additional measuring tasks with this sensor.

The compact housing of VC nano 3D already integrates laser and intelligent camera. Thanks to Embedded Computing Power, image acquisition at real-time speed is both standard and base for 3D data. This makes the VC nano 3D the first intelligent 3D laser triangulation sensor in the world that offers the full functionality of smart cameras. Based on well-proven VC technology, the sensor is capable of free parameterizing for all kinds of 2D inspection tasks. With that, two completely different testing procedures can be applied with only one cost-efficient camera.