Laser displacement sensors and laser displacement gauges (meters) are used for measuring distance and position, and object dimensions such as thickness, height, width etc. Laser measurement sensors are precision devices satisfy diverse dimensional measuring applications for industrial automation and advanced research. Single laser sensor measures displacement, depending on combination and placement you may measure thickness, width, height, length, straightness, flatness, profile or diameter.

Laser displacement sensors are digital sensors. This means that most incorporate either CMOS or CCD arrays for sensing position. This technique is superior to the traditional PSD type sensors that have dominated the market as “commercial” sensors. Digital sensors will perform better for many varying conditions, in which PSD sensors may provide marginal performance.

Based on a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) the intelligent sensor controls the exposure of the CCD and the output power of the laser source. Due to this, laser sensors measure extremely precise and fast, even if surface characteristics like color or reflectivity are changing. Parameter like measurement speed or filters are handled directly in the sensor’s DSP.