Leveraging60 GHz WirelessHD® Technology to Deliver Wireless HD Video Capabilities for Medical Device Applications

NDS Surgical Imaging Brings Expertise in Medical Device Manufacturing and Regulatory Compliance, WhileLattice’sSiBEAM®TechnologyOffers Production-Proven, Robust WirelessHD Connectivity Solution

  • Lattice’s production-proven WirelessHD solution based on its SiBEAM millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology delivers low-latency, high-resolutionHD video that is extremely reliable
  • NDS Surgical Imaging (NDS) will offer design services and turnkey product development to medical device OEMs specifically for use in endoscopic minimally invasive surgical environments, helping to improve procedural workflow efficiency
  • Partnership will allow medical device manufacturers to benefit from NDS’s experience in bringing FDA-approved medical technologies with WirelessHDto market more quickly and efficiently

PORTLAND, OR – November14, 2016 – Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC), the leading provider of customizable smart connectivity solutions, and NDS Surgical Imaging,a leader in designing and manufacturing medical visualization, imagingand video processing systems,today announced a strategic partnership leveragingLattice’s WirelessHD®solution specifically for medical device applications. UsingLattice’sSiBEAM® mmWave technology, NDS builds upon its award-winning ZeroWire®ecosystem technology, delivering a second-generation platform and robustWirelessHD video link solution for endoscopic minimally invasive procedures including Endo/GI and laparoscopic surgery. This partnership strengthens NDS’s market position to supply a real-time wireless 1080p video solution toglobal medical OEMs. A 4K ultra high-definition (UHD) wireless solution is a work-in-progress.

60 GHz wireless connectivitycan potentially mitigatethe total cost of ownership to healthcare facilities by helping reduce installation, maintenance and cleaning costs associated with cables in the procedure room. By equipping operating rooms with ZeroWireWirelessHD connectivity—designed toprovide real-time HD video without noticeable video delay from the image source to the NDS surgical display—cables become obsolete,thereby removing potential tripping hazards from the floor and decreasing the chances of mishaps, while also helping to streamline operating room procedures and improve overall efficiencies.

“Using ourSiBEAMmmWave technology, the NDS ZeroWiresolution enables the wireless transmission of HD video in the operating room, offering key advantages to healthcare professionals,” said Brian White, vice president and general manager, industrial and automotive business at Lattice Semiconductor. “We have chosen specifically to partner with NDS to support medical manufacturers interested in leveraging 60GHz connectivity because of their proven expertisein medical imaging systems and regulatory compliance requirements. We believe our partnership will help accelerate adoption of WirelessHD connectivity in medical device applications resulting in greater cost savings and interoperability.”

NDS brings an added advantage of in-depth expertise and understanding of the global regulatory compliance requirements for the medical industry. The company is FDA-registered and ISO-certified with all NDS products certified under the most stringent U.S., Asian and Europeanmedical regulations.

“As the healthcare industry drives to further streamline expenses, improve patient care and reduce hazards in the healthcare facilities, we looked for a wireless video link technology that would help address these needs while striving to differentiate our solution,” said Karim Khadr, president and general manager at NDS. “We are proudto partner with Lattice, as the use of theirWirelessHDtechnology within our ZeroWire ecosystem solution inside the operating room environment provides medical staff the utmost quality, reliability andmobility at a place and time that is most critical.”

For more information about NDS’sZeroWireecosystem wireless solution, please visit:http://www.ndssi.com/medical-imaging-products/zerowire-g2-wireless-endscopic-video.html

To learn more about Lattice’smmWaveSiBEAM technology, please visit: http://www.sibeam.com/