By Alix Paultre, contributing editor

With a wide input voltage range and integrated power MOSFET, the
AL8862 buck LED driver is well-suited for LED lighting drive circuits with minimized
board space and reduced BoM cost. It offers analog and PWM dimming functions
and a typical output current accuracy of 5% (at up to 1 A) and 97% efficiency
from an input from 5 V and 60 V.


An external control
pin accepts either an analog or PWM signal to add dimming capabilities, and the
integrated MOSFET is rated at 60 V with an Rds(on) of just 0.4 Ω, which
delivers high efficiency while minimizing the need for external components.
Comprehensive protection against possible fault conditions caused by short or
open circuits is also included along with overtemperature protection.

The AL8862 is supplied in a thermally enhanced SO-8EP
package and priced at $0.30 at volumes of 10K.