Cree, Inc., a market leader in LED lighting, announced a new 6-inch LED downlight designed for the residential market. It is an affordable, energy-efficient LED residential fixture, provides consumers an alternative to energy-wasting incandescent lamps and the poor color-rendering of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).

“There is no residential LED downlight on the market today that can come close to matching the value and performance of the CR6. This product builds on the success of the award-winning LR6, which has shipped more than 350,000 units to date.” said Neal Hunter, President of Cree LED Lighting.

The Cree CR6 LED takes the technology at the heart of the LR6 family and redesigns it to deliver maximum value for residential lighting. The CR6 downlight, planned for availability in mid-2010, is being designed to meet ENERGY STAR® criteria and for an end user price of approximately $60.

Cree’s LR6-230V is already in production for commercial and residential applications. The LR6 is an amazing combination of technical innovations, including breakthroughs in optical design, electronics design, mechanical design, and thermal management. The core of the innovation is a new way to generate white light with LEDs.

The LR6-230V generates white light with LED’s in a new way that enables an unprecedented combination of light output, high efficacy, beautiful color, and affordability.

LR6-230V is available in both the incandiscent color and neutral color. It has integral, high efficiency driver and power supply. The power factor is greater than 0.9. Input voltage = 220V to 240V, 50Hz. It is compatible with incandescent and electronic dimmers. It delivers a light output of 650 lumens at a nominalinput power of 10W. It comes with 3-year warranty with an expected life of 50,000 hours.