February 2012:- Mirics, developer of FlexiTV software-based global TV receiver, also introduced their FlexiStream client software for Apple iOS devices, bringing live European DVB-T broadcast TV to personal screens worldwide. Already offered for Windows PCs, the Mirics FlexiStream player has been released to Apple for approval and will be in the store shortly. Mirics FlexiStream works in conjunction with Mirics FlexiTV’s software and built-in TV-tuner to re-stream over IP a received live digital broadcast TV signal from a user’s FlexiTV-powered computer.

Software TV Radio Receiver for Smartphones and TabletsThe FlexiStream server on the host PC then transcodes and delivers this live, personal content to other PCs or now to Apple iOS devices for remote viewing. No subscription fees are required to maintain access – only the FlexiTV-enabled PC to tune in HD and SD broadcast signals, sent to the FlexiStream-enabled iOS device for remote viewing.

Currently, the FlexiStream client app is available for European FlexiTV users only, supporting the DVB-T broadcast standard, but allowing that content to be accessed on a connected FlexiStream-enabled device anywhere in the world.

On the viewing device, users can see up-to-date channel listings and guide information and switch in real-time between available live broadcast channels – controlling the FlexiTV tuner remotely. Additional supported regions and TV standards, plus feature-enhancements such as remote-DVR control are expected in the coming months as FlexiTV expands its reach worldwide.

The Mirics FlexiStream app is available for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad/2 devices running iOS v4.0 and above.

Mirics FlexiTV is a multi-standard broadcast TV receiver for personal computer and portable processor-based devices. Using a system’s existing processor for demodulation, any analog or digital TV and radio standard can be received, resulting in a highly optimized multi-standard receiver platform at the lowest possible cost. This allows maximum standards flexibility, and a single hardware design for worldwide terrestrial TV and radio reception. FlexiTV supports both standard- and high-definition TV for ultimate user experience.