One hour, live webinar to learn about new LED driver technology.





LED lighting is becoming mainstream in modern society and has
proven to be beneficial in reducing energy use across the globe. Replacing a
standard 60W general service lamp with a 7W LED equivalent saves almost 90% of
the energy required to light a typical residential space and LEDs provide similar
improvements across all lighting applications. They also exponentially extend
lighting system lifetimes from 2,000 hours up to 50,000 hours. As consumer
expectations change from lighting systems being disposable and replaceable
towards fixtures that are fully integrated lighting appliances, quality and
reliability is becoming increasingly important.


This webinar will summarize Power Integrations’ LED driver
solutions covering multiple applications giving engineers the tools to choose
the right IC and system design for their LED lighting needs. We will display
the most technically advanced, highly integrated, efficient and reliable LED
driver ICs, illustrated with easy to implement and highly manufacturable
reference examples.


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Who Should Attend


  • Design engineers
  • Engineering managers


What You Will Learn


  • LED driver solutions for different topologies including
    isolated versus non-isolated applications
  • Basic topology selections, benefits and disadvantages
  • Buck, boost, buck-boost for dimming and non-dimming
  • How to get optimal performance, thermal foldback and
    increased longevity
  • Advantages of simple and lower component count designs


Live Webinar Date


  • September 27, 2016 at 9 am PST/ 12 pm EST / 5 pm GMT


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