Long range receiver for the IoT

The latest radio chip for the IoT from STMicroelectronics is said to deliver high energy efficiency allowing smart connected objects to operate for up to 10 years without replacing batteries. With receiver sensitivity of -130dBm, the chip can operate over distances up to several hundred kilometres.

According to the company, the S2-LP transceiver is highly integrated and includes low power RF analogue design and integration with digital blocks comprising the radio baseband.

The chip draws 6.7mA in receive mode, and 10mA when transmitting at 10dBm. Sleep and standby modes reduce the current to respectively 600nA and 350nA.

Programmable for operation in multiple sub-1GHz industrial, scientific and medical frequency bands, the device supports Sigfox, Wireless M-Bus and 6LowPAN, as well as IEEE 802.15.4g. Ultra-narrowband operation is claimed to allow efficient use of radio spectrum and reliable data exchange up to long distances using low power signals. It also supports point-to-point, star and mesh networking topologies.

The receiver features a software development kit compatible with the STM32 MCU family and with the STM32 development ecosystem including prototype boards, software tools and resources.

In addition, the transceiver enables connectivity to the Sigfox global network and comes with a pre-certified development kit enabling immediate connectivity.

The S2-LP transceiver is suitable for networked devices, such as alarm systems, surveillance equipment and smart energy-metering solutions, as well as long range radio links used to connect devices like remote sensors directly to the Cloud without a local gateway.

The low data rate transceiver comes in a 4 x 4mm QFN24 package.

Peggy Lee