Low power consumption from robust low side gate drivers

According to Infineon, the 1EDN EiceDRIVER family is compatible with MOSFETs, IGBTs and GaN based power devices. It claims that, compared to other single channel low-side gate driver ICs, the family has the lowest internal power consumption, adding that low-ohmic output stages translate into a 30% efficiency improvement.

Device outputs include reverse current robustness of 5A, said to eliminate the need for protection diodes when driving MOSFETs with large parasitic source inductances. With an input robustness of -10V, the family is said to provide an additional safety margin against groundshifts when driving gate-transformers. This also protects against electrical overstress of the inputs or latch-up of the driver IC.

Available in volume in a range of packages, applications for the parts include switch mode power supplies, DC/DC converters, power factor correction and wireless charging.

Graham Pitcher

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