Thomas Research Products has introduced a new line of low profile Surge Protectors for compact LED luminaire designs. These devices provide cost-effective protection from damaging power line disturbances. Thomas Research Products manufactures complete SSL power and control solutions for OEMs.

TRP’s new SSP3 series surge protection devices (SPDs) provide maximum 20,000 Amp protection on line to neutral or phase to phase coupling modes. 12,000 Amp max protection is provided on line to ground or neutral to ground coupling modes.

These UL1449 Recognized Components are matched to LED drivers that operate at 120 through 277 or 347 through 480 voltage ranges. The SSP3 series provides extra switching transient protection for L-L and L-N connections to meet the challenge of typical building power disturbances.

TRP provides one of the most comprehensive line of surge protectors in North America designed specifically for lighting. Avoid costly problems in 24/7 applications, including big-box retail, warehouses, parking garages, even street lighting.