The AT4 wireless LTE product family provides all range of scenarios in the lifecycle of LTE UE devices and meets the needs of early developments, R&D, Design Verification, Performance, Conformance and Certification Testing. The new broadband wireless access test systems are based on the E2010 Broadband Wireless Test Set, a one-box solution for the new 3GPP standards. At4-Wireless LTE test instruments are supplied with a comprehensive set of test cases, designed according to the 3GPP 36.521-1 test specifications, so that pre-conformance testing can be performed and possible bugs detected and fixed.

LTE Design Testing & Analysis Tools from AT4 Wireless

LTE RF Design Verification Testing Tools

  • LTE RF Design Verification Tester – T4010 DV LTE RF Tester provides a unique environment that allows the creation and/or customization of dedicated RF parametric test cases, based on configurable test methods. The AT4 wireless T4010 DV LTE RF Tester provides a comprehensive set of test cases following the 3GPP 36.521-1 test specifications to easily perform out-of-the-box pre-conformance testing of LTE UE designs.
  • LTE RF Conformance Tester – The AT4 wireless T4010 LTE RF Tester is the most comprehensive tool for LTE UE RF parametric verification and characterization. This top of the line test system meets the needs of early developments, R&D, conformance and certification testing, supporting both GCF and PTCRB certification requirements.
  • LTE RRM Tester – T4020 LTE RRM Tester supports testing of RRM test cases as defined by 3GPP, including inter-rat with GERAN, UTRAN and CDMA2000, by using a common hardware platform shared among the rest of products in the AT4 wireless product family. Like the rest of LTE test systems developed by AT4 wireless, the T4020 supports GCF and PTCRB certification requirements and is listed as a validated test platform for these certification schemes.
  • LTE Protocol Tester – The test case development environment, test automation and remote control makes the AT4 wireless T4110 LTE Protocol Tester the most flexible tool for all stages in the protocol stack development, since early integration phases to final verification and regression testing for new functionalities, and including iRAT testing requirements. Furthermore, the T4110 is a validated GCF and PTCRB test platform, enabling manufacturers and test house to certify DUTs based on its test results.
  • LTE Mobile Test Application – S3110B LTE Mobile Test Application is a design and verification tool with complete call control functionality and integrated RF measurement capabilities, that allows characterization of the RF transmitter and receiver in LTE UEs thanks to its built-in signal analyzer, and the embedded baseband fading channel emulator.