Munich, Dec 07, 2010:- Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) releases an LTE Test Case Wizard that radically simplifies testing of radio base stations. The LTE test case wizard dramatically eases the task of generating the correct signals for specific R&S LTE base station test scenarios. An operator of a signal generator only has to select the appropriate test case and the wizard will configure the desired R&S LTE signal, interferers, AWGN and fading. Wizard functionality includes automatic selection of the correct R&S LTE reference measurement channel, setting of the required R&S LTE resource block allocations and configuration of the interfering signals. All power levels of the different signal components automatically conform to the test specification.

A new, powerful feature for any of three Rohde & Schwarz vector signal generators – the LTE Test Case Wizard – was created to implement easy signal generation for conformance testing of LTE base stations. The test cases are in line with the 3GPP technical specification (TS) 36.141 and comprise test signals for transmitter, receiver and performance tests. A graphical display of the test signal scenario helps the user to keep track of the signal generation at all times.

In the past, generating the required test signal scenarios typically required a good knowledge of LTE, knowledge of the base station conformance test specification (TS) 36.141 and knowledge of the other LTE specifications the TS 36.141 is referring to. The test case wizard reduces this procedure to the push of a button.

In the R&S SMU200A vector signal generator, the LTE test case wizard covers LTE base station conformance test cases described by TS 36.141 in which a signal generator is required. A subset of these test cases is available in the R&S SMJ100A and R&S SMATE200A – both vector signal generators that have a reduced feature set compared to the R&S SMU200A.

LTE test cases that require four antenna signals can also be handled by the test case wizard, typically by using two dual-path R&S SMU200A vector signal generators. In these dual instrument setups, the test case wizard can then be parametrized to set up each individual R&S SMU200A vector signal generator to cover either the first half or the second half of the needed test signals.

The new LTE test case wizard is available as a component of the K55 EUTRA/LTE option for the R&S SMU200A, R&S SMJ100A, and R&S SMATE200A vector signal generators from firmware version on. LTE signal generation is performed in line with 3GPP Release 8 (April 2010). Customers that want to take advantage of these LTE enhancements for their K55 option can update their signal generator free-of-charge by installing the latest firmware package that is available from the Rohde & Schwarz web site.

Download the “LTE test case wizard for eNB conformance testing” application card for further information on the LTE test case wizard.