Macro Sensors offers its AC-operated LVDT Linear Position Sensors in different material housings to perform in varying operating environments including those with high and low temperature extremes, radiation exposure, seawater (underwater) and vacuum pressure conditions. Macro Sensors’ HLR 750 Series of 3/4 inch diameter high reliability LVDT position sensors are specifically designed for use in gas turbine environments.

LVDT Linear Position Sensors for Chemical, Radiation and Seawater EnvironmentsAvailable in measuring ranges from ±1 inch to ±10 inches, HLR 750 Series position sensors feature the high resolution, excellent repeatability, and low hysteresis (typically better than 0.01% of full scale output for each) that is associated with time-proven LVDT technology. The maximum linearity error of these sensors is ±0.25% of full range output, using a best-fit straight line derived by the least squares method. A particularly desirable feature of HLR 750 Series LVDTs is that the sum of their secondary voltages is essentially constant and independent of core position, so they can be used equally well with either conventional differential input LVDT signal conditioners or with ratiometric signal conditioning circuits.

HLR 750 Series LVDTs offer reliable contactless position measurement for critical applications in power plants using gas turbines such as fuel valve position feedback, vane pitch servo controls, governor controls, and generator shell expansion measurement. Their temperature rating permits these LVDTs to serve in many applications in steam turbine power plants as well. They also are ideal for throttle position sensing on engine-driven compressors in natural gas pumping stations, height measurement for head boxes and slicers in paper mills, edge detectors and web tension controls in plastic film plants, and real time position sensing for all types of valves in chemical process plants.

Standard configurations of Macro Sensors’ AC-operated linear position sensors are constructed of stainless steel with hermetically sealed electronics that enable reliable performance in environments with high temperatures (400°F) or mild radiation exposure. Users can also choose among other optional material housings including:

  • Inconel 718 that provides greater pressure and chemical resistance so sensors can perform reliably under very hostile chemical conditions, even in seawater and corrosive acids.
  • Monel 400, a special nickel-based alloy that provides excellent resistance against pitting and attack by micro organism, enabling sensors to perform in shallow and warm waters with high levels of oxygen.
  • Titanium and hastelloy housings that offer greater resistance to pressure and corrosion when measurements must be obtained in seawater depths down to 7500 ft. and with an external pressure of approximately 3800psi.