Magnetic Shield Corp - Lab Kit/110-IS


Test, Prototype and Sample MuMETAL®, Co-NETIC®, and NETIC® Shielding Alloys.

with one of our three stock Evaluation Lab Kits containing high permeability
alloy samples to shield and protect critical electrical and electronic devices,
equipment, and components. Foil and sheet materials can be layered and added
until the low field interference is reduced (attenuated) to the specified level
for your application. Engineers and technical professionals find this to be a
reliable, effective, and easy way to prototype with everyday common hand-tools,
or bench-top and model-shop equipment. Your finished prototype shield can be
implemented as a production model, and fabricated to high quality precision


OEM Design
and Electrical Engineers, Scientists and tech professionals worldwide select
our Lab Kits with options including a magnetic field meter, a magnetic probe,
or a basic kit with technical resources. 


How Do I Use The Single Axis AC Magnetic Field Meter


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