Project Highlights:

Locations: 52, with 100+ in the pipeline

Hybrid Video Recorders: 52

Major Requirement: Centralized Health Status Report of Devices and Cameras using Low Bandwidth.


The bank is headquartered in Pune in its Corporate office.


  • A Hybrid Solution to accommodate their existing Panasonic Analog cameras along with a provision to add new IP Cameras.
  • Notification at a central location for any system issues like camera disconnect, harddisk failure, camera tamper, etc. in real-time.
  • Professional and timely installation and service at all locations across India.


  • Matrix provided a Hybrid Video Recorder(HVR) that supports Analog and IP cameras on a single platform. This allowed them to connect their existing Panasonic Analog cameras along with the provision to gradually upgrade to an IP Solution.
  • For central notification on functioning status of the devices and cameras at low bandwidth, Matrix offered notification management software called ‘Device Monitor’, which provides Centralized Health Status about events like number of devices online, number of cameras where motion is detected, video loss, camera tamper, hard-disk failure, storage status, etc. in less than 5Kbps per location.
  • Matrix installed its HVR’s at all the 52 branches of this Bank across India, using its strength of more than 500+ trained SI’s spread across the country.





  • Enhanced security with centralized notification of any event across India.
  • Reduced Breakdowns and Downtime
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Reduced man power cost for security at each location.


  • SATATYA HVR0408S: 4 Analog Channels, 8 IP Channels, Total 8 Channel Hybrid Video Recorder with 6TB Storage and NAS Support.
  • SATATYA Device Monitor: Monitoring Application that requires less bandwidth to centrally view the health status of multiple devices.
  • SATATYA Centralized Monitoring Software(CMS): Central Management of cameras connected across multiple locations in combination as per priority.


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