Matrix, a leading manufacturer of Telecom and Security solutions, is well-known for innovating its product line as per the demands of the end user. To offer customersthe flexibility of availing connectivity for VOIP network, FXO and FXS ports in combination, Matrix has launched a new variant in the VOIP Gateways category.

Owing to the cost-effective and improved connectivity over VOIP network, many entrepreneurs wish to switch from Analog to VOIP network. While in some companies, the scenario is entirely opposite. Companies already have VOIP connectivity and they want support for Analog extensions for streamlining communication between the internal members. However, modifying existing communication infrastructure requires heavy investment.

Matrix has launched a variant in the VOIP Gateways category to address this need of the modern entrepreneurs. Matrix already provides numerous variants in the VOIP Gateways category, which are famous in the market with the name “SETU” range of products. Currently, the highest variant offer connectivity for 16 VOIP channels, eight FXO and eight FXS ports. The new variant: SETU VFX844 will support up to eight VOIP channels, four FXO ports and four FXS ports.

Tailored mainly for the international market, the fixed VOIP Gateway offers a range of features such as Caller ID on Analog Stations, Emergency Dialing, Hotline Extension Setting and more. Like all the Matrix communication platforms, SETU VFX844 is based on TLS and SRTP protocols ensuring security of communication routed on the platform. To bridge communication gaps between multiple branches, SETU VFX844 offers peer-to-peer and proxy calling between distant locations. Web based and centralized management of the Gateway ensures continuous communication and reduced downtime.

“With a new variant in store, we aim to offer flexibility for availing connectivity of VOIP channels, FXO and FXS ports in a different combination from a single platform. We look forward to optimize business opportunities with SETU VFX844 in the international and domestic market”, said Sagar Gosalia, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing.