Emerson Network Power have been designing and developing power supply systems for the healthcare industry – including medical imaging, analytical laboratory, clinical & molecular diagnostics, dental, ophthalmic and surgical/medical applications. They have the broadest power supply product lines in the healthcare and medical industry, to provide the best power solution. Most of their dc-dc power conversion products are modular, and many of our ac-dc power supplies are configurable, to facilitate precise application matching.

Medical Applications of Emerson Power Systems

Medical Power Supply SystemEmerson provide a wide variety of standard, customized and configurable ac-dc and dc-dc power supplies, all of which are approved to the EN60601-1 safety standard, and are highly efficient, compact, and reliable.

  • Bio Life Science Power Solutions: Immunoassay systems, In-vitro diagnostic systems, blood analysis machines, microbiology diagnostic systems, cytocentrifuges, electron microscopes, clinical chemistry analyzers, osmometers and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) thermal cyclers
  • Dental Power Solutions: Infusion pump controls, gamma imaging systems, CAD/CAM systems, oral care equipment, digital radiography and X-ray machines.
  • Medical Imaging Power Solutions: ultrasound scanners, computed tomography (CTI) scanners, position emission tomography (PET) systems, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, nuclear medicine equipment, X-ray machines and gamma cameras.
  • Laboratory Power Solutions: blood analysis machines, mass spectrometers, chemical laboratory equipment, refractometers, cytocentrifuges, incubators, thermometers, mass analyzers and laboratory automation.
  • BioMedical Power Solutions: surgical equipment, patient monitoring systems, patient therapy systems, patient beds, infusion pumps and ventilators.